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by admin on October 11, 2012

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review.

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Society is seemingly obsessed with weight watching and the general self-image of each individual. When it comes to the male gender, nothing shouts the ideal image more than chiseled six pack abs. Women have also picked up the trend and more are working on their abs every day. The unfortunate thing is, quacks from all over swear by their methods of getting six packs. The amazing thing is, most of these methods vary greatly from each other. I am not a scientist but I don’t see how such varied methods can lead to the same outcome. This in turn begs the question, which of these methods actually work? In the quest to find an answer to this question, a game changing book came into my possession, it’s called The Truth About 6-Pack Abs. it is a well written book by Mike Geary which is a sure shot way of getting a six pack.

About the Author

Mike Geary is a professional dealing in the personal training industry. He is certified in his field of work and has a strong background as a nutrition specialist. He is also an accomplished writer with a following which numbers to the tens of thousands. Acclaimed fitness magazines have realized his indelible contribution to the industry and some have him on the pay roll as a contributing writer. He also has his own websites which seek to enlighten people about basic fitness programs.

Truth About Abs Overview

The book seeks to educate and guide you on the path to follow when on the quest for perfect abs. Mike Geary does an outstanding job of putting his points across in a relatively easy to understand manner. Packed in an over 140 pages of quality content, the book covers all the basics of the right way to follow towards getting the perfect abs. It also contains all of the procedures involved in getting a six pack in a detailed manner. These procedural guidelines cover fields of both nutrition and exercise. It has been tried and tested over the years and customers always find it helpful. The book does not seek to provide readers with some kind shortcut to getting abs. On the contrary, it gives readers a healthy approach which is sure to last.

The Truth About Abs Diet/Nutrition Approach.

One of the methods of getting and maintaining six packs is through proper nutrition. Mike Geary is a certified nutritional specialist so when it comes to providing truly helpful tips to healthy living, he knows what he’s talking about. He makes haste in calling to attention the fact that nutrition is not a concept which can be outlined to fit everybody’s requirements. The book looks to educate readers on the guidelines to follow while setting up a custom diet for themselves. This is because there is no one diet that is known to work perfectly for all individuals who try it. The book discourages the consumption of processed food and cites it as the most detrimental hindrance to getting six pack abs. In general terms, healthy eating habits are the key to a great looking abs structure.

Detailed Meal Plans

Of the precise meal plans the book advocates for, there is one theme which is clearly echoed throughout this phase of the book. The balance of foods you need to stay healthy enough to develop six pack abs. The book clearly shows the nutritional value of each food and outlines the right combination meant to achieve success. The book has over 70 meal combinations which are guaranteed to keep you healthy enough to maintain the look of your abs.

Truth About Abs Workout Program

In taking the exercise route, this is where the book thrives. Mike Geary is a certified fitness trainer with years of experience. As such, the exercise regimen he puts across is based on the experience garnered over the years. Geary advices that the abs exercises should always come after weight lifting, this is to ensure that they are not exhausted during lifting.

There are some effective abs exercises which the book advocates for. The great thing about them is that they come with pictorial representations which ensure you get them right every time. Abs exercises in the book number to more than a dozen so you are guaranteed to find a few which work perfectly for you. Both genders are sure to find routines which work well to help attain six pack abs. Besides the abs routines, there are others aimed at improving the general state of health. The holistic approach goes a long way in ensuring that the six-pack abs is a permanent feature on your body.

PLUS Points For The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

  • The writer did a wonderful job of putting his ideas into writing and this book has a very simplified writing style.
  • This ensures that all readers get to grasp the concepts without too many technical terms to overcome.
  • The routines in the book are made so they can work well for both genders.
  • The pictures on in the book provide readers with a better understanding of the concepts.
  • The author is dully certified in the fields of fitness and nutrition; this means that the information on the book is expertly researched.
  • From all the positive reviews on the market since its release in 2007, the book truly works.
  • The routines do not have to be done at a gym so that convenience is a welcome benefit.

Negative Points For The Truth About Abs.

Despite the many benefits from “The Truth about Six Pack Abs”, there are a few shortcomings which you should note. First off, the book does not have a clear sense of appeal as far as the aesthetic value is concerned. The appearance is rather dull unlike the books in its industry. Another drawback is that the author sometimes gets ahead of himself by using abbreviations before he explains what they mean. This may prove frustrating to most readers.

Customer Support For The Truth About Abs – Rating

If you happen to need any further assistance regarding the book, you have the option of reaching Mike Geary on his website. There is a money back guarantee should you find the book unhelpful. This is one of the rarest occurrences as it is yet to happen.

Our Final Conclusion.

The book has shown without a shadow of a doubt that getting six pack abs and maintaining them is an achievable feat. It is a true gem in the fitness industry as it outlines an incorporated approach to healthy living involving nutrition and good exercise.


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